East Rockaway Little League
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League FAQ’s

Each year ERLL fields many questions regarding procedures, requirements and administration. In hopes of providing continuing members and those considering joining ERLL with answers to these questions, this FAQ page was developed to answer some of the more common questions posed. If after reading this page, you still have unanswered questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

1. How much does it cost to play?

Answer: Please review here – https://www.erlittleleague.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/erll-flyer-2019-web.pdf

2. How do I know if my child is eligible to play in this league?

Answer: Please review here – https://www.erlittleleague.com/who-is-eligible/

3. Can I request my child to be on a team with their friends?

Answer:  To be honest we do our best here as we know part of the fun is to have all players play on the same teams with their friends!  Part of the goal of the league is to blend teams based on skill, age and grade so this may not always be possible.  We ask that you please understand this part of the registration and team selection period and its difficulty and please be flexible.  If there are extenuating circumstances please contacts us at eastrockawaybaseball@gmail.com as needed. 

4. When is Opening Day?

Answer: Opening Day can vary from year to year but it is typically within the first 2 weeks of April each year.

5. What days and times do practices take place?

Answer: Practice times and locations can vary per age group. See below for more specifics.

6. What days and times do games take place?

Answer: Games times and locations can vary per age group. See below for more specifics.

7. What equipment is needed to play?

8. Is there an additional cost for the uniform?

Answer: As part of your registration cost a full uniform including a hat, jersey, pants, belt (older players) and socks are provided!  We do have a planned day where we will allow players to exchange jerseys or pants for larger or smaller sizes.  This date will vary each year.

9. How do I learn about key dates for each season’s events?

Answer:  We will post all events on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages as well on our websites homepage!  Our website is the best place for all information as needed.  Please visit https://www.erlittleleague.com as needed!

10. What are the game rules so I understand how each game is managed?

Answer: Please review here as it varies per division – https://www.erlittleleague.com/league-rules/

11. Is playing in ERLL safe?

Answer: Yes!  ERLL has strict safety requirements to minimize and manage injuries.  Many of our volunteer Coaches are CPR/AED certified and will have general background checks.  Please help us by reminding all players of the need to be safe on and off the field especially when dealing with bats and balls! Allso see question 7 above!      

12. For new & young players what can I expect when they start to play?

Answer: Please review here! – https://www.erlittleleague.com/baseball/

13. Are there try outs to join the league or team?

Answer: No! Once you sign up you are in!

14. What are the age brackets used by ERLL so I know what team my child will or may play on?

Answer: We try and use age and grade to determine the team and division your child will play on. Below are our general guidelines and there is flexibility as needed on a case by case basis.

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